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“How Do I Know I Can Get An FFL?”

That’s easy. I don’t want you to waste your money any more than you want to waste it.

But if you fit these qualifications directly from the ATF,

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  • You’re not prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition;
  • You have not willfully violated the GCA [Gun Control Act] or its regulations;
  • You have not willfully failed to disclose material information or willfully made false statements concerning material facts in connection with this application;
  • You have premises [which in most cases can be your home] for conducting business or collecting;
  • You’re 21 years or more of age
You certify that:
  • (1) the business to be conducted under the license is not prohibited by state or local law in the place where the licensed premise is located;
  • (2) within 30 days after the application is approved the business will comply with the requirements of state and local law applicable to the conduct of the business;
  • (3) the business will not be conducted under the license until the requirements of state and local law applicable to the business have been met; 
  • (4) the applicant has sent or delivered a form to the chief law enforcement officer where the premises are located notifying the officer that the applicant intends to apply for a license.
  • (5) secure gun storage or safety devices will be available at any place in which firearms are sold under the license to persons who are not licensees(“secure gun storage or safety” defined in 18U.S.C.921(a)(34)).]

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Just wanted to let you know that I got my ffl license!! The interview was a piece of cake. The atf agent never really commented on how prepared I was but from the look on his face when I finished some of his sentences and answered some the ffl related questions, he has was surprised I do believe. The mega reference guide on the atf meeting did its job…”

Stephen S. of Waco

“Made it through my ATF interview last Thursday. The ATF agent told me it was rare that he doesn’t have to report a change or correction to the FFL application. Mine was perfect, and I owe it all to FFL123! Thank you, Brandon, for the effort you have put into the FFL123 website. The information you provided really took the stress and anxiety out of the whole process. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thanks again!…”

Martha C of Decatur

What a great FFL License program this is! We have used it to successfully get 2 FFL’s in two different locations, one in Pinellas County, FL. and one in Orange County, FL. Great job Brandon, keep the passion going!!!…”

Chris A. of Orlando

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Our 150% Money Back Guarantee

All customers have a 100% success rate, which is why I never lose sleep over my guarantee.But if by some chance you’re the first one who doesn’t, I’ll do more than just give you all your money back – I’ll give you all your money back AND give you another 50% more than you gave me. Just send me the ATF denial letter, no questions asked.. No one else anywhere in the world will give you that kind of guarantee… I know because I’ve checked!

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