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Federal Firearms License (FFL) FAQ's


What are the Benefits of Getting an FFL License?

A:Save 30% on your guns & ammo! Eliminate those FFL transfer fees.

Enjoy the freedom to buy and sell guns as you please.

Plus, having an FFL License will protect you from future gun

laws that will restrict your rights.  ATF grants many additional

freedoms to FFL License holder

How many FFL Licenses are Currently Active in Each State?

A:AL-1075, AK-740, AZ-1547, AR-1172, CA-2267, CO-1379, CT-550,

DE-118, FL-2161, GA-1675, HI-114, ID-924, IL-1906, IN-1335,

IA-1241, KS-1010, KY-1301, LA-1132, ME-527, MD-528, MA-507,

MI-2283, MN-1592, MS-880, MO-2292, MT-1154, NE-713, NV-592,

NH-469, NJ-306, NM-672, NY-1768, NC-1837, ND-430, OH-2229,

OK-1334, OR-1590, PA-2459, RI-96, SC-836, SD-498, TN-1381,

TX-5090, UT-724, VT-356, VA-1608, WA-1090, WV-913, WI-1550,


Will the ATF Require a Business “Storefront” to get my FFL?  Can I use my Home Address to Apply for my FFL?

A:No, a storefront is NOT required. In fact, I have my FFL License &

Class 3 FFL at my home address. Yes, renting is fine, too!

If I Apply from my Home Address, are any Modifications Required to my Home by ATF?

A:No. You simply need to sign a form that you will keep guns away

from minors and non-FFL License holders. For firearm storage,

a closet with a keyed lock will be fine.

Will ATF require a gun safe? 

A:No, a safe is not required by ATF.

Will I be able to Buy Guns, Ammo, and Other Sporting Goods Supplies at Wholesale Cost after I Get My FFL? 

A:Yes! Wholesalers will sell all the above items (tax-free!) after you

have an FFL License.

Will I be required to buy in large quantities or stock guns in inventory to get good pricing?

A:No. In fact, I only order once the customer has paid me

(yes, cash in hand) before I order their gun.

How many different types of FFL Licenses are there and does your guide cover them all?  Does your guide cover the home & storefront application process?

A:There are nine types of FFLs. They are Type 01, 02, 03, 06,

07,08, 09, 10, and 11. My guide covers ALL those listed except

theType 03. It is a Curios & Relics license, and I advise against

this type,because for the same effort, you can obtain a

“real gun dealer’s” license.The Class 02 and Class 03 FFL License

are covered in my combo package.With the insight I provide,

you will learn exactly what type of FFL to apply for based

on your needs. Wait until you see what I recommend!

It’s the exact opposite of what you might expect, I learned the

hard way and you can learn from my mistakes. Yes, I cover

both the home and storefront FFL License application process.

What are common mistakes made by people who apply for an FFL License on their own without the help of this kit?

A:People often setup their FFL License incorrectly. Even if they

happen to get approved, no wholesalers or manufacturers

will establish relationships with them because the license

was setup incorrectly.  When you partner with me, you will

benefit from the thousands of hours of my first-hand experience

and research. Local and state laws can present challenges as well,

and my guides uncover these obstacles and help you meet

all local, state, and Federal requirements quickly. No other guide

or kit even comes close to covering this key part of the ATF

approval process.


I have a state concealed carry permit, will that speed up the FFL License approval process?

A:No, a concealed carry permit is a state issued permit.

This is a Federal License. It makes no difference if you already

have your State concealed carry permit and will not

speed up the approval process.


Why partner with FFL123.com and FFLRights.com?

A:I have gone through the entire process several times and

have spent thousands of hours learning the entire

ATF approval process. The knowledge I have gained from

helping thousands of customers across the USA is a very

valuable resource. You will not find this kind of help

anywhere else. I am a Licensed FFL dealer and a Licensed

Class 03 FFL dealer. I operate from home as a side hobby/job.

It makes sense to learn from someone who is successfully

doing what you want to do, right? I answer hundreds of

questions each week and I know the tricks and issues to

overcome. Where else can you get documented honesty,

personal attention, and comprehensive FFL knowledge?

The application, ATF interview, wholesaler accounts setup,

local issues, and other items can all be very tough and

overwhelming without help from an expert.


Hardest part about getting a FFL?

A:Getting it done before Obama makes the drastic changes

he says he’ll make. (Have you noticed how he is stacking the

Supreme Court?)

Honestly, taking the first step of getting the ball rolling is

often the hardest part. It is a little paperwork, but not as

much as you might think. I make it easy and I even guarantee

your results! Let’s partner together and get it done! You have

been thinking about doing this for years… pull the trigger and

act now!


Will the ATF really want to meet with me after reviewing my application?

A:Yes. This meeting is just as important as the FFL application itself.

It is truly a meeting face-to-face at your address for the FFL License.

The ATF needs to ensure that you understand the federal

laws governing firearms sales. This is not a difficult meeting,

because after learning from my kit, you will know what to

expect and will be well prepared. I help you get approved

by telling you exactly what to expect at this meeting and

how to answer their questions.


Do I need to be a certified gunsmith to have a home based FFL License?



How long will the entire process take?

A:According to Federal law, the ATF must contact you within 60

days of ATF processing your payment.  They will setup the

ATF interview at that point.


What is the advantage of having a Class 3 FFL license?

A:You can buy, make, sell, and transfer all NFA items like; machine

guns, silencers, explosives, and other destructive devices. Most

popular reason is to buy or make machine gun dealer samples,

much cheaper than buying a $10,000 machine gun, make one!

You can buy NFA items without having to pay the $200 tax stamp

for each item. You can save thousands of dollars that other people

have to pay. As a firearms dealer, you will make a lot more selling

silencers than just firearms alone.


How often are your guides updated? 

A:Daily, with my very active customer base and many former

customers who have an FFL, I am always adding new updates,

feedback, and suggestions to make the guides even better.

All guides have been professionally reviewed by a lawyer, an

accountant, several copy editors, and current FFL license

holders to ensure highest quality.


Why did you decide to focus your part-time FFL and then Class 3 on mostly silencers?

A:The local gun shop charges 15% over MSRP and makes a killing.

They have a modern day monopoly. Margins are much higher

selling silencers and this part-time/Internet business model

works really well around my full time work schedule. I love to

shoot prairie dogs and silencers make it even more fun! Now

I can get a silencer shipped the same week to me. Without the

license, you will have a 4-month wait.

Other home-based FFL application insights? 

A:Most applicants get a call after applying informing them that

they cannot get approved from their home. From my experience,

this probably means they completed the application incorrectly.

The application process involves many parts and several of

them are not covered on the actual FFL application. I have helped

many customers who were previously rejected. When I initially

started my own FFL process, I applied for the wrong type of

license and had to go through the entire process again. My own

personal struggles with the Federal, state, and local bureaucrats

led me to create this extensive guide based on my experiences.

I can assure you that if you work with me, you will get approved

and it will be done correctly the first time. Most of my customers

state that the process went from 20 to 30 hours of work down to

only 1 to 2 hours, simply by following my step-by-step

instructions and insights. Again, you can feel confident that

you’ll do it correctly the FIRST time. You will know what to

expect and how to respond accordingly. I have helped thousands

of gun owners in all 50 states. I promise you, there is no need

to call me and ask about your specific location or

“unique” situation… I have seen and heard every possibility and

my guide has succeeded, no matter the challenge. I have a learned

skill and acquired expertise and I look forward to working

with you. My solution is results guaranteed and you will spend

less time on your end.

In short, if you’re going through the FFL application process, the best way to handle it is to break it up into steps. There are FFL Guides available making the process easier, better understood and increase chances 10 fold of obtaining your Federal Firearms License (FFL).

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